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Business Portraits. Do Your Clients Know Who You Are in 2018?

A new year could be a good time to think about how your clients and potential clients see you. Will you have a “Who we are” page on your website in 2018 featuring business portraits?

“Who We Are” or “Meet the Team” pages are a great way for customers to see who they are dealing with and I do lots of business portrait photography or “business headshots” for this purpose.

A good business portrait not only shows who you are but also shows your individual personality and indeed how professional the organisation is. Businesses that have a set of friendly, professional, well lit, consistent portraits are likely to gain far more respect and esteem than those with random, dissimilar amateur photos.

What do Good Business Portraits Say?

A good set of business portraits will tell the customer “We are friendly, we are approachable, professional and we do things properly here.”

On business websites, images get the first impression ahead of the words so great portraits will draw people in. But this is not a new thing and images have always allowed a message to be communicated faster.  As the famous American photographer Ellott Erwitt said back in 1928; “The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.”

So get yourself a set of team business portraits and you’ll be surprised how much impact it has on your website, social media and other media. I can build a portrait studio in your boardroom or office space and you can see more information at my Business / Corporate Portrait Photography folio.

I work all over South West England and I’m always happy to find about about who you are and how you’d like your clients to see you. So feel free get in touch to discuss photography ideas for you and your organisation!

Wishing you a happy, peaceful and successful 2018


Tony Cobley Photography

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