Aerial drone Photography throughout Devon & Cornwall

Tony Cobley Photography can provide high quality and safe aerial drone photography in South West England.

With expert qualified drone photographers who have commercial experience in shooting aerial views for businesses and even the BBC we can offer excellent quality and peace of mind. We offer full aerial drone photography in Devon, Cornwall and beyond for all commercial, PR, corporate, property and tourism projects and for land, site and property surveys.

We provide both stills photography and aerial video services for business, industry and the media. Drone pilots have full Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) qualifications. We work with 3 expert partner professionals whose drones are operated with the highest attention to safety.

Still images are shot as RAW files and post processed to high quality output levels consistent with the ground stills if combined. We have even produced an aerial stitch panorama montage from a drone!

Prices include all the relevant pre-planning and safety work that is required by the CAA and also any additional authorisation in relation to any local Air Traffic Control. There are cheaper options out there but be aware that very big fines and even prison sentences (including to the commissioning client) can be the result of negligent commercial drone operation.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements , creative ideas and bespoke pricing for your aerial drone photography in Devon and Cornwall.