Working as a commercial photographer in Devon and Cornwall really does provide me with a varied and diverse working life; every day is very different! Although the purpose and the techniques are always similar, the subject matter and location environments can be assorted and very mixed. I meet lots of interesting people, go to places I never realised exist and learn about all sorts of organisations. I love my work.


Last month my work as a commercial photographer in the South West included: Antique chairs in a country house, a health & safety director in a petrol terminal, contemporary kitchen interiors, working portraits of trainees in a college, some corporate business headshots, product images of horse riding boots and an aerial drone shoot of a school!

Environments & People

The environments for these locations are all so different - from industrial docks in Plymouth, to a rural Dartmoor home, to a factory in Cornwall, to a large college campus, to a modern office complex. And the people involved can be anyone from trainee to CEO - all fascinating in their own way. So I never get bored or tired with my work and the people I work with.

Common Links?

The common link to all of these apparently different commercial photography projects (other than Devon & Cornwall) is that we are capturing brands. All of my work is for marketing & communications purposes, commissioned by marketing professionals or business owners. So my job is to create images which use the environment, the people and the subject matter to give power and reality to a marketing campaign.

Where do the Images End Up?

The petrol terminal images will end up in an annual report, the headshots on a website team page, the kitchens in a brochure, the boots on an e-commerce site and the trainees in an apprentice event promo poster and social media. Just a few examples of different ways to use images as marketing assets.

Commercial Photographer - Who & How?

Professional commercial photographers like me are trained and experienced experts at getting the best out of subjects, locations and people, no matter what and where they are. We create marketing assets to get your organisation and message noticed. See more of my Devon & Cornwall commercial photography and many more varied images on the Tony Cobley Photography website. You can also see more examples on this youtube video on photographing people in business. Please feel free to Get in touch if you'd like to discuss creative ideas for photographing your unique organisation and creating new, powerful marketing material. Tony
I have lots of experience of construction photography in Devon & Cornwall. I regularly photograph for construction contractors, house builders, surveyors and architects in South west England. Sometimes the shoots are to create marketing images of finished sites and sometimes of the site in progress. The completed site images are good for general marketing for the builder or designer and the photography viewpoints, angles, and weather are careful considered. Photography is also valuable during the construction process. These images can show the procedures, skills and processes of construction and also provide a story of the progress of the site. I am sometimes hired to produce monthly images of a site each month for the whole build process and my clients find these images very good for social media promotion of the scheme. You can see more images of my industrial, technical and construction photography in Devon & Cornwall here.
September is a great month for owners of holiday cottages, b&b's and hotels to get some professional promotional images. The weather is (usually!) still good and everything is green but things are less busy with easier access to the interiors. I do lots of holiday accommodation photography in Devon and Cornwall, capturing creative interior and exterior images for all sorts of properties. I shoot a mixture of wide shots and closer details. The interiors are shot using professional lighting to enhance the space and feel of the accommodation and exteriors shot in good weather and optimum light direction. The resulting images are supplied within 2 days in high and low resolution files which can then easily be used for any web and print based marketing. You can see more examples, here of my interior and exterior property / accommodation photography.

Being a commercial photographer in the rural South West of England is far more interesting, diverse and fun than working in the city! In the last month, I have had to do these unusual things during photo-shoots in Devon & Cornwall:

-  Move a herd of cows from a product shoot.

-  Balance expensive products on an ancient Cornish castle wall. -  Remove and bury a dead mouse from a holiday cottage shoot.

- Shoot a fully dressed expensive bed on open moorland. -  Use a 10kg weight to stop the camera blowing away in a gale on Dartmoor. -  Clean seagull poo from a property shoot. -  Change my trousers after low-angle-photographing a 4x4 car coming through a Devon river ford after lying to close to the edge! -  Eat ice cream, fish 'n' chips and cream teas during a tourism shoot (so they weren't wasted!).

...I couldn't think of a better job than being a photographer in Devon    :)