Here are some examples of social distanced group photos I have taken during the Covid 19 period. Al the people are 2m apart despite the creative angles making them appear closer.

I have been working with a Covid Safe Professional Practice to help my clients with their marketing and PR.

My commercial photography clients are very varied as you can see and I can provide many types and styles of photography for them. A group picture is often part of the brief so we have to get creative to make this happen safely!

These examples include an accountants firm, a building supplies company and a medical organisation all in Devon.

Socially distanced groups can still be creative and dynamic by arranging people in staggered formations with interesting backgrounds and surroundings which support their brand message.

You may also like to look at my portfolio of Working Environment and Outdoor Business Portraits.



Corononavirus / Covid-19 Safe Professional Photography Practice Policy:

Tony Cobley Photography is committed to working in a safe and responsible manner and will continue to review health and safety based on current government guidelines.

I received my first vaccination for Covid on 27th February 2021.

Here is a general summary for my safe professional practice on location as of 26/02/21:

  • Comply with all requirements of client's workplace and h&s policy.
  • Maintain social distancing of the current guidelines, at time of writing this is "1m+" but aim for 2m.
  • No contact, shaking hands, etc.
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and warm water.
  • Use hand santitiser where available and surface sanitiser spray.
  • Don’t allow clients to touch cameras, lights, computers, etc.
  • If symptoms (as per current guidelines) or temperature develop cease work immediately, isolate and follow government guidelines re testing etc.
  • Use Zoom or phone for meetings and tuition sessions where possible.
  • Wear mask and gloves where required indoors.
  • Bear in mind that PPE is "last resort" and should not be seen as an alternative to distancing, washing and other above main precautions.
  • Travel independently in car to client and others involved
  • Communicate: Ensure all other people involved in a shoot are aware of the above.
  • Report any Covid incidents to HSE via RIDDOR



Below are 2021 prices for my stock image licencing and for prints, frames / canvasses. Images can be purchased from my Landscape and documentary folios and my Stock Westcountry folio. Please contact me with the image reference for any image within the Landscape & Scenic Folios and size / format required and I'll confirm prices and delivery.  To get the file name right click the displayed image, click "save as" and you'll see the file name. The prices also apply for prints and framed for commissioned shoots. I have more images of Exeter & Plymouth and can send samples as required. For commissioned photography or special quantity stock orders, please contact me for bespoke prices.

Digital Files Stock Image Prices (non exclusive single use license)

  • License for Full page single web usage per year 2,400px longest side: £39.00
  • License for Part page single web usage per year 800px longest side: £29.00
  • License for Front Cover single print usage Full resolution image: £125.00
  • License for Full page single print usage Full resolution image: £89.00
  • License for Half Page or less single print usage, Full resolution image: £69.00

Block Canvas 40mm Thick

  • 18 x 12”   £44.00
  • 24 x 16”   £54.00
  • 22 x 22”   £64.00
  • 30 x 20”   £74.00
  • 40 x 30    £94.00
  • 45 x 30”   £104.00
  • 1m x 1m  £124.00
  • 1m x 1.5m  £139.00
  • 1m x 2m    £154.00
  • Special bespoke larger sizes available
  • Above are for white edged canvas, Add 10% for wrap around.

Archival Profesional Prints

  • 6 x 4”   £5.00
  • 7 x 5”   £6.50 each
  • 9 x 6”   £8.50 each
  • 10x8”   £11.00 each
  • 12 x 8”   £14.00 each
  • 20 x 16” £30.00 each
  • 24 x 20” £40.00 each
  • 36x24”   £65.00 each

Framed Prints  

  • 40x30” Solid ash or light wood frame with mounted print:  £215.00
  • 34x26” Solid ash or light wood frame with mounted print:  £175.00
  • 26x20” Solid ash or light wood frame with mounted print: £115.00
  • 23 x 19” Solid ash or light wood frame with mounted print: £94.00
  • 19 x 14” Solid ash or light wood frame with mounted print: £75.00
  • 14 x 11” Solid ash or light wood frame with mounted print: £55.00
  • Any other custom size available and many frame types can be sourced
Prices are based on client collection. Courier or postal delivery can be arranged to anywhere at a small additional charge.

Photography for medical and scientific clients is one of my favourite sectors. It is always nice to get feedback such as this from marketing professionals within medical & healthcare organisations:

“It is easy to believe that anyone can take a photo to support their marketing needs but it is only when you engage a professional such as Tony Cobley that you realise how wrong you have been. We have employed Tony Cobley to support our rebranding and updating of images for multiple use. Images have been used for web and social media but most importantly for editorial, advertising and production of promotional materials. It is then that you realise how important it is to have high quality, well thought out images to support you marketing needs. Tony Cobley’s professionalism makes working with him very easy and especially when working in a medical setting such as ours, professionalism, courtesy and respect is evident in Tony’s approach.”   Kathryn. Marketing & Comm's manager.

I can carry out medical and healthcare photography in Plymouth and Exeter and other areas of Devon & Cornwall.

I also do legal evidence photography and personal injury medical photography for law firms in Devon & Cornwall.


Creative virtual learning with your camera or phone.

I can now offer  Personal Photography Tuition activities service virtually via Zoom sessions with screen sharing. Creative learning is a great way to interact, stimulate the senses & brain and to ward off any possible effects of isolation and loneliness. I can talk through your objectives and level of experience - it's ok to be a complete photo beginner, an expert or anything between! Many of my sessions are totally non-technical and fully inclusive. I often work on creative composition skills and via Zoom I can show images for us to discuss / critique. An ideal mix is 2 x 1 hour sessions with a week gap between for you to try things out at home or in the garden, this is just £90.00. You can do some practical photography during the session and take me with you on your phone or tablet! It's then possible to screen share your images with me via Zoom so we can discuss your photo results and help you improve further. It's all super relaxed and fun and very effective use of any self isolation time. Feel free to contact me to discuss photography tuition self isolation activities ideas for you - I can offer a bespoke package for exactly your requirements. Packages start at £45 for an hour initial session up to £300 for a flexible 7 hour package. Available as gift vouchers to any value over £45.
No matter what you are promoting, showing it with people is the way to go! I work on promotional photography in Devon on all sorts of varied marketing campaigns in South West England. These campaigns can be to promote services, products, spaces or even concepts for any organisation.

Things, Brands, Experiences, Situations

No matter what the “thing” to be promoted, showing people interacting with it will bring it to life and communicate how the potential customer would experience it. Many of my clients have brand guidelines which ask me to show what it feels like to experience their offering. “Lifestyle” photoshoots are the most obvious solution but similar human involvement can also happen in industrial situations, education environments and even close up details. Using just parts of a person such as hands can also bring photographs to life and provide scale and context.

Fewer Words, More Images

In the age of new media, the fewer words used, the better. Because we scroll through so much content and only stop when something catches our eye, images are initially more powerful than words. So images with people can describe a product or service without having to include lots of words.


When working as a photographer in Devon or wider afield, models for photoshoots come in many guises: Some clients hire professional models or extras, other use their own staff and some use volunteers or family and friends. I am experienced in working with all of these individuals, each requiring slightly different management on shoot.

"Happy Models Make for a good shoot!"

I like to work on the basis that “Happy models make for a good shoot” so it's always good to make sure they are relaxed, comfortable and fully aware of what’s happening.

Promotional Photography in Devon

A browse through the commercial photography folios on my website will show how people come in to most aspects of my commissioned work. See if you can guess who the people are and how they became involved in helping on the shoot. If you have an organisation with a brand to promote, I would be very pleased to discuss creative photography ideas for working with people to get your brand message out there. Tony
In this age of virtual communications and social networking, your Headshot Photography portrait is your personal brand. It is vital to have a great headshot photo which shows you in a professional way and conveys your personality. I specialise in doing exactly this and have worked with hundreds of professional, corporate, trade and team people in Devon & Cornwall to capture them at their best in a relaxed environment. Your headshot becomes a great tool for your marketing and can be used in many ways to promote you and your organisation. Check out my portrait headshot photography page and see what we can do!  

What does a Devon Commercial Photographer do During Lockdown?

Devon commercial photographer, Tony Cobley has been keeping busy during the Coronavirus lockdown. Between volunteering in his local community and the occasional safe home product photoshoot, Tony has also been providing virtual photography tuition for hobby snappers anywhere in the world via Zoom. He’s also giving free on line consultations with business owners and marketing professionals to discuss photography plans for the other side of lockdown. This week, Tony has done a product photo shoot for a new client in Devon. “Allies of Nature” are a start-up emotional wellbeing business making flower essences who have put lots of effort into their branding and design. They needed quality images to show off their brand across all marketing material and social media. Tony who is a location commercial photographer was able to build a studio at his home near Plymouth in South Devon to do the product shoot. This maintained maximum social distancing and he handled the products with gloves to be extra safe. Tony shot individual images of all 22 flower essence products and then made some creative group shots. Simon Blackler, owner of “Allies of Nature” was thrilled with the resulting images and said: “I have just downloaded all the pics, what an awesome photoshoot, looks like you had some fun!! Great group shots as well as the individual bottles. I couldn’t have asked for any more. I’m looking forward to showing off your fantastic work. Brilliant job, first class effort.” Tony is keen to talk to anyone involved in marketing about future plans for the other side of the current lockdown and offers free photography consultations via Zoom for business owners and marketing / comm's professionals. See Tony's full portfolio via the folio links at Tony Cobley Photography  

Royal Photography in the SW

I little while ago I had the pleasure of photographing HRH The Princess Royal in North Somerset. This was the second time I've photographed Princess Anne this year, documenting a royal visit to a local South West organisation. The visit was to the Butler Trust and the Bristol, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Community Rehabilitation Company where the princess met award winners and members of both organisations. Working to strict security, logistical and briefing guidelines, I managed to get some nice natural reportage images of the event which will be used by both organisations for public relations purposes. See more examples of my Events Photography in SW England including Royal Photography in the SW.
I have recently enjoyed working with with the superb Thrive Hubs on some contemporary business interior photography in Plymouth. Thrive Hubs offer very high quality office space including hot-desking and short term rental and Ocean Crescent, Plymouth is well worth a visit! Our photoshoot was to show the contemporary spaces, fully styles and with people. We used lots of professional lighting to show the space at its best and create fresh, dynamic, contemporary images. See more of my Interior Photography for all sorts of businesses in Devon & Cornwall.