My latest commercial photography slideshow!

I've put together a 1 minute summary slideshow of my portfolio featuring all types of my commercial photography in Devon & Cornwall. Here you can quickly see the various sectors I work in and the styles of lighting, background and composition I work with.

My commissioned commercial photography is aimed at business owners, marketing professionals and communications officers across Devon & Cornwall. I work with them to create real, relevant and engaging photography for use in their marketing, communications and public relations campaigns.
2022 Commercial photography in Devon & Cornwall


You may wish to check out my Google reviews and here's an example of some recent feedback:

Tony was brilliant! He works very creatively, and is always trying to find the very best way to capture what you need. Very easy to work with too, got the best out of the models, and everyone was delighted with the final edits. I hadn't worked with Tony before and he came highly recommended, now I will do exactly the same... and highly recommend!

Chole, 2022

Tony Cobley Photography has collaborated with fellow Devon based creative business, Insignia Creative to offer Tony Cobley Prints via a new e-commerce website. The site will be live with all features in September 2022.

The new website provides the opportunity to view and purchase fine art photographic prints of Tony's favourite landscape and documentary photography. Included are scenic landscape photography of locations mostly in Devon and Cornwall, South West England and some of Tony's travel documentary and street photography.

Above: Screenshot from the new site

Fine art prints are printed using a 12 colour process specially developed for photographers and artists and this matched with an ultra smooth fine art paper gives stunning colour representation and quality every time from small prints up to a maximum width of 610mm wide. Digital files can also be downloaded for web and print resolution uses.

Above: Homepage of the new site

On the Tony Cobley Prints site you can browse and search images and get prices for various sizes of print and digital file. Payment is easy on the site and Insignia Creative then carry out the high quality printing and can promptly pack and deliver the print to your address.

Why not check out Tony Cobley Prints right now and treat yourself or a loved one to a special print. We even do gift vouchers!

The post lockdown year of 2021 has been one of my best ever years as a commercial photographer in Devon, Cornwall and other parts of South West England. I started the business in 2005 and 2021 has been one of the very busiest years of my photography career.

I've been commissioned for many types of work . Typical clients are marketing professionals, creative agencies, communications departments and business owners in "marketing" mode! They get really great value from their images as they use them accross all sorts of output from social media to websites, blogs, brochures, banners, flyers and more!!

It seems that many businesses got new websites built and / or reviewed their marketing plans during the Covid lockdowns and are now requiring quality images to populate their sites and marketing media. One of the reason's I've been so busy this year!

Here's a slideshow of some examples of the commercial photography work I've been up to very recently.

As you can see, much of my work from wellbeing photography to industrial photography takes on a lifestyle element. People are an important part of my work as a commercial photographer in Devon and I always like to get the the organisation's people involved to help reinforce their brand. Adding people can bring a product or service to life and get the attention of potential customers.

You can see all the categories of photography I cover on my folio home page and find examples of work I've done in your type of organisation. I'm always happy to discuss ideas, rates and options so please get in touch if you'd like to learn more about what I can create for you as a commercial photographer in Devon.

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2023 Update, Coronavirus / Covid-19 Safe Professional Photography Practice Policy:


Tony Cobley Photography is committed to working in a safe and responsible manner and will continue to review health and safety based on current government guidelines. I received all the Covid vaccinations and boosters, the most recent being on 26th October 2023. I also have the flu jab each autumn.

Although restrictions have been completely eased, I am happy to apply any or all of the following procedures for safe professional practice on location based on you the client's preferences:

  • Comply with all requirements of client's workplace and h&s policy.
  • Maintain social distancing of the current guidelines, 2m where required / possible.
  • Use creative / staggered compositions where required for Socially Distanced Group shots
  • Avoid contact, shaking hands, etc where required.
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and warm water.
  • Use hand santitiser where available and surface sanitiser spray.
  • Don’t allow clients to touch cameras, lights, computers, etc.
  • If symptoms (as per current guidelines) or temperature develop cease work immediately, isolate and follow government guidelines re testing etc.
  • Use Zoom or phone for meetings and tuition sessions where possible.
  • Wear mask (and gloves where appropriate) indoors. Mask often needs removing for actual shooting to avoid viewfinder steaming up.
  • Bear in mind that PPE is "last resort" and should not be seen as an alternative to distancing, washing and other above main precautions.
  • Travel independently in car to client and others involved.
  • Communicate: Ensure all other people involved in a shoot are aware of the above.
  • Report any Covid incidents to HSE via RIDDOR

Non Corporate Corporate Portrait Photography in Devon

Over the last year I found that people are increasingly wanting a business portrait which doesn't look too "corporate". While I do offer more formal corporate headshots, I have been shooting lots of working environment and outdoor business portraits down here in Devon. My clients like showing themselves as a relaxed person in an environment with some relevance.  This may be a work environment or it may be a scenic local background. Over the last year I've photographed lovely people in environments such as beaches, gardens, showrooms, marinas, offices, factories and even builders yards. I've been to some really great locations all over Devon from Plymouth to Torbay, Exeter to Teignmouth and Barnstaple to Budleigh!

Outdoor or Working Environment Photography for You and Your Team

If you'd like me to capture you and / or your team in a relaxed and relevent style please get in touch and we can discuss ideas, locations and prices for non corporate corporate portrait in Devon or Cornwall. You can use your images for anything you like: Social media, website, email sig's, blogs, brochures, banners, profiles and more so you get lots of value from a set of great portrait photos.

Here are some examples of social distanced group photos I have taken during the Covid 19 period. Al the people are 2m apart despite the creative angles making them appear closer.

I have been working with a Covid Safe Professional Practice to help my clients with their marketing and PR.

My commercial photography clients are very varied as you can see and I can provide many types and styles of photography for them. A group picture is often part of the brief so we have to get creative to make this happen safely!

These examples include an accountants firm, a building supplies company and a medical organisation all in Devon.

Socially distanced groups can still be creative and dynamic by arranging people in staggered formations with interesting backgrounds and surroundings which support their brand message.

You may also like to look at my portfolio of Working Environment and Outdoor Business Portraits.



Medical Photography & Personal Injury Legal Evidence Medico-legal Photography in Devon & Cornwall:

I can provide professional medical photography and patient photography for medico-legal evidence purposes in Plymouth, Exeter, Devon and Cornwall and other parts of the South West. I can set up either in my South Devon studio, at the patient's home or at a law firm or medical practice.

I have been trained in medical photography by Dr William Anderson, FRCS, LLM, FFFLM, FBIPP in Medical Photography and establishing a medical photography service.
I have a standard operating procedure (SOP) and certificates which can be provided.

I also have an enhanced DBS disclosure, full insurance, formal professional photography qualifications and I work with discretion and sensitivity using high quality photography equipment and lighting.

The aim is to represent the injury or condition in an unbiased and objective way, showing scale and context of the injuries and as specified by the law firm, medic, insurer or patient.

I am happy to be commissioned by law firms, their clients or by medical or insurance companies to help provide the best patient photography evidence for their cases. I can also provide medical photography for medical training purposes.

Patient Personal Injury Photography, in Devon & Cornwall - Technique

A neutral background is used with colour calibrated equipment and a lighting set up which shows texture without creating excessive shadow. Focal lens of lenses if selected to avoid misleading perspective and attention given to plane of focus and depth of field. Sometimes a telephoto zoom lens is used if the patient isn't comfortable with proximity.

Scale can be demonstrated through use of a "Forensigraph" scale positioned next to the injury, context can be shown with wider shots and a headshot as proof of identity. These types of patient photography are usually captured:

  • Overview and context image - to orientate / appreciate where on the body the injury is. If required a comparison image (eg for feet).
  • Close up image of the injury.
  • Close up image with a measure scale next to the injury.
  • If appropriate and patient is happy to do: Re enactment of position of injury. 
  • Identifier headshot or patient with case ref card.

Medical Photography in DevonImages are shot in RAW format, calibrated for colour etc and no adjustments / retouching is done then supplied within at most 2 to 3 working days in high and low resolution TIFF or JPEG format. The commissioning client (and their patent if required) receive images via download link with license for perpetual unlimited usage for unlimited time.

Patient privacy, space and dignity are always respected as is data protection. An impartial chaperone (not a friend or relative) should be provided for photography of sensitive parts of the body and for under 18s. More details in my SOP.

Gloves and facemask are used during Covid and all scales etc are sanitised, backgrounds and gloves disposed of.

Prices are always bespoke, depending on the requirements and location. Please contact me for a quote and more details. You may also be interested in my commercial photography for medical & scientific clients.

And you may like to follow the LinkedIn page Devon & Cornwall Medical Photography by Tony Cobley

Example of medico-legal medical photography in Devon of a scar on patient's back (with patient's permission to use here).

Here are some show home images I shot for a developer in Cornwall.

I really enjoy photographing show homes, especially when they are professionally dressed and styled like these.

Always happy to discuss any property and architectural photography requirements in Devon and Cornwall whether you are a developer, architect, housebuilder, landlord, agent or marketing professional.


In this age of virtual communications and social networking, your Headshot Photography portrait is your personal brand. It is vital to have a great headshot photo which shows you in a professional way and conveys your personality. I specialise in doing exactly this and have worked with hundreds of professional, corporate, trade and team people in Devon & Cornwall to capture them at their best in a relaxed environment. Your headshot becomes a great tool for your marketing and can be used in many ways to promote you and your organisation. Check out my portrait headshot photography page and see what we can do!