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Patient Photography, Personal Injury Photography in Devon & Cornwall:

I can provide professional patient photography for medico legal evidence purposes in Plymouth, Exeter, Devon and Cornwall and other parts of the South West.

I have DBS disclosure, full insurance, formal professional photography qualifications and work with discretion and sensitivity using high quality photography equipment and lighting.

The aim is to represent the injury in an unbiased and objective way, showing scale and context of the injuries and as specified by the law firm, insurer or claimant.

I am happy to be commissioned by law firms or their clients to help provide the best patient photography evidence for their cases.

Patient Photography, Personal Injury Photography in Devon & Cornwall – Technique

A neutral background is used with colour calibrated equipment and a lighting set up which shows texture without creating excessive shadow. Focal lens of lenses if selected to avoid misleading perspective and attention given to plane of focus and depth of field. Sometimes a telephoto zoom lens is used if the patient isn’t comfortable with proximity.

Scale can be demonstrated through use of a rule positioned next to the injury, context can be shown with wider shots and if necessary, a headshot as proof of identity. Three type of patient photography are usually taken:

Overview / context image – to orientate / appreciate where on the body the injury is.

Close up image of the injury.

Close up image with a measure scale* next to the injury.

Images are shot in RAW format, calibrated for colour etc then supplied within at most 2 to 3 working days in high and low resolution TIFF or JPEG format. The commissioning client (and their patent if required) receive images via download link with license for perpetual unlimited usage for unlimited time.

Disposable paper scales are used if there is risk to hygiene risk.

Patient privacy, space and dignity are always respected as is data protection.

Prices are always bespoke, depending on the requirements and location. Please contact me for a quote. You may also be interested in my commercial photography for medical & scientific clients.

Patient Photography Devon
Examples of patient photography & personal injury photography in Devon with permission of the patient.