Mindful photography is about taking time to be part of the landscape so we can capture the emotional experience of being there in that moment

Tony Cobley is a professional photographer and photography tutor based on the edge of Dartmoor in South Devon. Tony has learnt about mindfulness from mindful coaches and also within his hobbies of Dartmoor walking and in surfing. He often applies mindfulness in his work as a professional photographer and thought it would be a great idea to offer a specialist Mindful Photography tuition package based on landscape photography.

The sessions are anything from 2 hours to a whole day and can be combined with other photography tuition if you also wish to cover technical things in advance. On a mindful photography session we go to a wild or peaceful place, maybe on Dartmoor or on the Devon coast and spend time connecting with, noticing and “feeling” the environment we are in before we even switch our cameras on!

When we do switch on the camera (anything from a phone to a DSLR or mirrorless is fine) we know what we want to capture. The photography then becomes a process of communicating an emotive reaction to the landscape in this moment. Doing mindful photography therefore enables us to slow down and spend time seeing and taking in our surroundings, enabling a connection with nature and the outdoor elements.

As well as being a process for improving your photography, this is also a wonderful way to slow down, take a break from the “hamster wheel” of modern life and appreciate the things around you. It helps us to put life into perspective and “be in the now”.

Sessions are very inclusive and you can enjoy them with any amount of photography experience from “phone snapper” to “serious camera user”!


  • One to one sessions are £45 per hour, requiring at least 2 hours and up to a day.
  • Group packages can be arranged for any group, just contact Tony with the numbers and he’ll put a price together for you.
  • Corporate packages can also be arranged, please contact Tony with your requirements.
  • Tony provides mindful photography on week days all year round subject to availability.

Tony looks forward to hearing from you are here’s a link to his contact details

Mindful photography tuition in Devon