No matter what you are promoting, showing it with people is the way to go! I work on promotional photography in Devon on all sorts of varied marketing campaigns in South West England. These campaigns can be to promote services, products, spaces or even concepts for any organisation.

Things, Brands, Experiences, Situations

No matter what the “thing” to be promoted, showing people interacting with it will bring it to life and communicate how the potential customer would experience it. Many of my clients have brand guidelines which ask me to show what it feels like to experience their offering. “Lifestyle” photoshoots are the most obvious solution but similar human involvement can also happen in industrial situations, education environments and even close up details. Using just parts of a person such as hands can also bring photographs to life and provide scale and context.

Fewer Words, More Images

In the age of new media, the fewer words used, the better. Because we scroll through so much content and only stop when something catches our eye, images are initially more powerful than words. So images with people can describe a product or service without having to include lots of words.


When working as a photographer in Devon or wider afield, models for photoshoots come in many guises: Some clients hire professional models or extras, other use their own staff and some use volunteers or family and friends. I am experienced in working with all of these individuals, each requiring slightly different management on shoot.

"Happy Models Make for a good shoot!"

I like to work on the basis that “Happy models make for a good shoot” so it's always good to make sure they are relaxed, comfortable and fully aware of what’s happening.

Promotional Photography in Devon

A browse through the commercial photography folios on my website will show how people come in to most aspects of my commissioned work. See if you can guess who the people are and how they became involved in helping on the shoot. If you have an organisation with a brand to promote, I would be very pleased to discuss creative photography ideas for working with people to get your brand message out there. Tony

Being a commercial photographer in the rural South West of England is far more interesting, diverse and fun than working in the city! In the last month, I have had to do these unusual things during photo-shoots in Devon & Cornwall:

-  Move a herd of cows from a product shoot.

-  Balance expensive products on an ancient Cornish castle wall. -  Remove and bury a dead mouse from a holiday cottage shoot.

- Shoot a fully dressed expensive bed on open moorland. -  Use a 10kg weight to stop the camera blowing away in a gale on Dartmoor. -  Clean seagull poo from a property shoot. -  Change my trousers after low-angle-photographing a 4x4 car coming through a Devon river ford after lying to close to the edge! -  Eat ice cream, fish 'n' chips and cream teas during a tourism shoot (so they weren't wasted!).

...I couldn't think of a better job than being a photographer in Devon    :)