Personal Injury and Medical Photography in Devon & Cornwall:

I can provide professional patient photography for medico legal evidence purposes in Plymouth, Exeter, Devon and Cornwall and other parts of the South West.

I have been trained in medical photography by Dr William Anderson, FRCS, LLM, FFFLM, FBIPP in establishing a medical photography service.
I have a standard operating procedure (SOP) which can be sent to you.

I also have an enhanced DBS disclosure, full insurance, formal professional photography qualifications and I work with discretion and sensitivity using high quality photography equipment and lighting.

The aim is to represent the injury in an unbiased and objective way, showing scale and context of the injuries and as specified by the law firm, insurer or claimant.

I am happy to be commissioned by law firms or their clients to help provide the best patient photography evidence for their cases.

Patient Medical Photography, in Devon & Cornwall - Technique

A neutral background is used with colour calibrated equipment and a lighting set up which shows texture without creating excessive shadow. Focal lens of lenses if selected to avoid misleading perspective and attention given to plane of focus and depth of field. Sometimes a telephoto zoom lens is used if the patient isn't comfortable with proximity.

Scale can be demonstrated through use of a "Forensigraph" scale positioned next to the injury, context can be shown with wider shots and a headshot as proof of identity. Three type of patient photography are usually taken:

Overview / context image - to orientate / appreciate where on the body the injury is.

Close up image of the injury.

Close up image with a measure scale next to the injury.

If appropriate and patient is happy to do: Re enactment of position of injury.  

Images are shot in RAW format, calibrated for colour etc then supplied within at most 2 to 3 working days in high and low resolution TIFF or JPEG format. The commissioning client (and their patent if required) receive images via download link with license for perpetual unlimited usage for unlimited time.

Patient privacy, space and dignity are always respected as is data protection. An impartial chaperone should be provided for photography of sensitive parts of the body and for under 18s. More details in my SOP.

Gloves and facemask are used during Covid and all scales etc are sanitised, backgrounds and gloves disposed of.

Prices are always bespoke, depending on the requirements and location. Please contact me for a quote and more details. You may also be interested in my commercial photography for medical & scientific clients.


Example of medical photography in Devon of a scar on patient's back (with patient's permission to use here).

Holiday & Tourism Photography in Devon & Cornwall

I shoot lots of promotional work for the holiday, leisure and hospitality industry here in Devon & Cornwall. Covid has reduced the types of work I have been able to do lately but bookings are coming in for a far more "normal" summer! My promotional tourism Photography is for holiday parks, area tourism partnerships and all sorts of other hospitality and leisure businesses. I've worked on commissions from East Devon to The Isles of Scilly.

Fun Lifestyle Approach to Tourism Photography

I enjoy working with client organisations to photograph people having fun and interacting with these businesses / organisations. This allows customers to see not only what you have, but what it is like to be on holiday there. We have lots of fun shooting this work and often work with children and animals at the same time!! You can see more examples of my tourism photography via this webpage or maybe watch our Youtube tourism photography Slideshow:


Working as a commercial photographer in Devon and Cornwall really does provide me with a varied and diverse working life; every day is very different! Although the purpose and the techniques are always similar, the subject matter and location environments can be assorted and very mixed. I meet lots of interesting people, go to places I never realised exist and learn about all sorts of organisations. I love my work.


Last month my work as a commercial photographer in the South West included: Antique chairs in a country house, a health & safety director in a petrol terminal, contemporary kitchen interiors, working portraits of trainees in a college, some corporate business headshots, product images of horse riding boots and an aerial drone shoot of a school!

Environments & People

The environments for these locations are all so different - from industrial docks in Plymouth, to a rural Dartmoor home, to a factory in Cornwall, to a large college campus, to a modern office complex. And the people involved can be anyone from trainee to CEO - all fascinating in their own way. So I never get bored or tired with my work and the people I work with.

Common Links?

The common link to all of these apparently different commercial photography projects (other than Devon & Cornwall) is that we are capturing brands. All of my work is for marketing & communications purposes, commissioned by marketing professionals or business owners. So my job is to create images which use the environment, the people and the subject matter to give power and reality to a marketing campaign.

Where do the Images End Up?

The petrol terminal images will end up in an annual report, the headshots on a website team page, the kitchens in a brochure, the boots on an e-commerce site and the trainees in an apprentice event promo poster and social media. Just a few examples of different ways to use images as marketing assets.

Commercial Photographer - Who & How?

Professional commercial photographers like me are trained and experienced experts at getting the best out of subjects, locations and people, no matter what and where they are. We create marketing assets to get your organisation and message noticed. See more of my Devon & Cornwall commercial photography and many more varied images on the Tony Cobley Photography website. You can also see more examples on this youtube video on photographing people in business. Please feel free to Get in touch if you'd like to discuss creative ideas for photographing your unique organisation and creating new, powerful marketing material. Tony

Quintessential Westcountry Images from Devon, Cornwall, Somerset & Scilly

I love living and working as a photographer in the characterful South West of England. In this portfolio I am concentrating on Westcountry images with a traditional, quirky, romantic or timeless quality, something that can easily be found in this wonderful part of the world.

This project shows some of the quintessentially Westcountry images that I have captured around our beautiful region from West Cornwall to North Somerset, From seaside scenes and piers to quaint villages and from traditional country events to beautiful sunset silhouettes.

You may also like my Plymouth Hoe Silhouettes folio.

Photography Rates for Commissioned Work: Please don't hesitate to contact me with your photography requirements and brief. I will then be pleased to provide a prompt written quotation. I can provide rates for commission photography or special prices for image licensing or for prints, framed prints and canvasses.

Photography of Artists, Artwork and Reproduction Work in Devon & Cornwall

I enjoy photographing artists, their work, their galleries and studios across Devon & Cornwall.

I have photographed painters, sculptors, jewellers, glass makers and all sorts of other arts & craft people in the South West

The fourth image in this Portfolio is of the Devon sculptor, Sam White. This was a photo shoot for Sam's project of creating monolithic sculptures inspired by standing stones on Dartmoor. So we photographed Sam with his work by a stone row on Dartmoor at sunrise on the winter solstice!

Photography of artists can be extremely interesting and I like to show them in their environment.

You may also be interested to see my photographs of musicians & entertainers.

Reproduction Artwork Photography in Devon

I also do reproduction artwork photography - supplying colour calibrated high resolution images for you to make prints from and use for promotion / portfolio. This can be done on location at your studio, home or workplace.

Commercial Photography Rates:

Please contact me to discuss your specific artist and artwork photography requirements and I will provide a prompt quotation and availability.

Sports & Outdoor Pursuit Photography in Devon & Cornwall

Outdoor pursuit photography enables me to capture some exciting and dynamic subjects. I often photograph these activities in the Westcountry for colleges, schools, PR campaigns or other organisations and events.

Creative photography of these activities in Devon & Cornwall will ensure that your subject is presented in a creative and exciting way to help your marketing, communications and publicity.

I like to get close to the action from all sorts of angles - such as photographing whilst hanging from ropes and lying on beaches!

Commercial Outdoor Pursuits Photography Rates:

Please contact me to discuss your specific photography requirements and I will provide a prompt quotation and availability.

Product Photography in Devon, Exeter & Plymouth and Beyond

I offer product photography services for Plymouth, Exeter, Devon & Cornwall and for anywhere in the world if products are sent to me!

Product Photography is carried out at your location / business or products can be sent to me. There are various styles available to you, such as:

  1. With a relevant environment background to the product / organisation, outdoors or indoors.
  2. With studio background / lighting or portable studio at your place. Ensures a fresh, contemporary look is achieved. I can build a studio background and set up lighting at your place or take away the products.
  3. "Cut outs" to pure white and transparent PSD files can also be provided by my expert retoucher.

Quality professional product photographs can greatly increase sales of products from web based and print based marketing.

To use the portable studio at your location, we require a good clear space and about an hour to set up. Non white background shoots require less set up time.

Location Product Photography Devon Info

Photography Rates: I will be very pleased to provide a prompt quotation for any product photography, either bespoke job rates or price per product. I just need to know the type of products, how many there will be, style of shots / background and where you'd like it doing. Please don't hesitate to contact me with your photography requirements and brief.

Stock Westcountry Images of Locations in Devon & Cornwall

I have lots of images of the many beautiful locations around the South west of England, mostly Devon and Cornwall.

Here are some of my favourites but please contact me if you have a specific location in mind and I may be able to provide a suitable image from my archive, particularly for images of Exeter and Plymouth.

Location photography is often used not only to promote an area but also on business websites & literature to identify them with a locality.

Businesses in the South West like to buy from other Westcountry businesses and an iconic local image on your website can help reinforce your regional identity.

Images can be licensed for any type of usage in print or on web and are supplied by download link.

You can find lots more scenic stock westcountry images from Devon and Cornwall on my landscape photography portfolios.

Commissioned Photography in Devon , Cornwall & Isles of Scilly

I am often commissioned to photograph locations and also have many South West images and Westcountry scenes for businesses, public sector organisations and tourism partnerships.

Scenic Stock Westcountry Images & Commercial Photography Rates:

Please contact me to discuss your specific image or photography requirements and I will provide a prompt quotation and availability.  Prices for Prints, Frames, Canvas and Digital File Licenses.

Cornwall & Devon Tourism & Hospitality Photography, SW England

Tourism and hospitality photography in South West England can take many forms as you can see from these images! I enjoy doing  marketing photography for area tourism partnerships, local authorities, conservation trusts and holiday businesses involved in leisure & tourism throughout Devon & Cornwall.

Lifestyle images, location shots and event photography can be captured to show your area at its very best. I particularly like working with people to give a lifestyle approach to the photography. We can also provide aerial drone photography of  holiday parks and other attractions.

The Westcountry is a wonderful area with many lovely places and attractions to visit and photography enables us to shout about our beautiful area and show how visitors enjoy it.

Devon & Cornwall Tourism & Hospitality Photography for You 

Professional photography can really enhance a Cornwall or Devon tourism marketing campaign and greatly increase bookings for a tourism business. Quality photographs draw potential visitors in to your brochure, website and social media, getting you noticed. In today's competitive marketplace, destinations need to invest in quality images to project a fresh, contemporary and exciting holiday destination, attraction or event.

Commercial Photography Rates:

Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your specific photography requirements for Cornwall or Devon tourism photography and I will provide a prompt quotation and availability. I can also bring in aerial drone photography, video and 360 virtual tours. Happy to quote for work outside the SW on larger projects.

Healthcare Photography Devon & Cornwall

I am frequently commissioned to do commercial healthcare photography for care, nursing and residential homes in Devon & Cornwall. I also work with many other healthcare providers across the South west. This is usually for marketing and promotion purposes of the care home or organisation but often the images are also used internally too. Here is a selection of images that I have created all over Devon & Cornwall.

Lifestyle Healthcare Photography for Care Homes in Devon

I capture bright, happy, genuine, authentic images and work with consideration and respect for your residents. I tend to adopt a "lifestyle photography" approach, including people in all images to bring the image to life and capture a happy, sociable, caring environment. The aim is to show the potential resident and their loved ones the experience of how it feels to be living here. This is far more engaging, positive and creative than the old traditional style of showing wide shots of empty dining rooms and living areas.

You may also wish to check out my Medical & Scientific photography portfolio.

Multi Use of your Professional Care Home Photography 

The resulting images (which will be supplied within 2 working days) can be used for both web & print marketing with absolutely no restriction to usage or period of use.

Wall Art

If you are after south west scenic images of natural beauty and tranquillity for the walls of your healthcare organisation then take a look at these folio links and I can bespoke price prints and canvasses of any size:  Dartmoor & UplandOn the BeachSeascapes

Commercial Photography Rates:

Please contact me to discuss your specific photography requirements and I will provide a prompt quotation and availability