2023 Update, Coronavirus / Covid-19 Safe Professional Photography Practice Policy:


Tony Cobley Photography is committed to working in a safe and responsible manner and will continue to review health and safety based on current government guidelines. I received all the Covid vaccinations and boosters, the most recent being on 26th October 2023. I also have the flu jab each autumn.

Although restrictions have been completely eased, I am happy to apply any or all of the following procedures for safe professional practice on location based on you the client's preferences:

  • Comply with all requirements of client's workplace and h&s policy.
  • Maintain social distancing of the current guidelines, 2m where required / possible.
  • Use creative / staggered compositions where required for Socially Distanced Group shots
  • Avoid contact, shaking hands, etc where required.
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and warm water.
  • Use hand santitiser where available and surface sanitiser spray.
  • Don’t allow clients to touch cameras, lights, computers, etc.
  • If symptoms (as per current guidelines) or temperature develop cease work immediately, isolate and follow government guidelines re testing etc.
  • Use Zoom or phone for meetings and tuition sessions where possible.
  • Wear mask (and gloves where appropriate) indoors. Mask often needs removing for actual shooting to avoid viewfinder steaming up.
  • Bear in mind that PPE is "last resort" and should not be seen as an alternative to distancing, washing and other above main precautions.
  • Travel independently in car to client and others involved.
  • Communicate: Ensure all other people involved in a shoot are aware of the above.
  • Report any Covid incidents to HSE via RIDDOR