Auschwitz - Berkenau, Poland

Auschwitz photography: In October 2016 I visited the Auschwitz - Berkenau concentration camps in Poland where 1.1 million human beings were killed by other human beings. After many years of reading and watching about what happened there, I finally got to see it with my own eyes and camera. I hope that my Auschwitz photography conveys the respect, sorrow and sadness I feel about this place and what happened there.

Auschwitz Photography

It wasn't until I was back in England editing these photographs that it sunk in that I had actually been there. It is impossible to put into words the emotion that this place and its history can evoke. My guide at Auschwitz - Berkenau, whose uncle was there, said these poignant  words: "Everyone should come here to remind us that not so many years ago human beings did such things to other human beings." Link to:  Auschwitz Memorial & Museum Video Slideshow of my Auschwitz Photography from 2016: