Union Street, Plymouth Documentary Photography Project

This is a personal documentary photography project of Plymouth's historic but decaying Union Street. A place of former greatness, now neglected and sad but showing glimmers of its former glamour. I am fascinated by the old buildings which survived the bombings of the 2nd World War but have been left to rot. Union Street, Plymouth is currently changing with work being done to the New Palace Theatre throughout 2016.

The street must hold memories of many good nights out for several generations of Plymothians and visiting service people. My favourite building in Plymouth is the old "New Palace Theatre", more recently known as the "Dance Academy". A magnificent building with a million stories!

Abandoned Theatre

I was lucky enough to photograph inside the New Palace Theatre in January 2016, during the early stages of the renovation by the Go palace charity.

The inside of the building evokes memories of when it was the "Dance Academy" nightclub in the 1990s and early 2000s but mostly of an abandoned theatre with many grand features and endless stories.

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Plymouth Hoe Foreshore Documentary Photography 

The once magnificent lower foreshore of Plymouth Hoe shows signs of a bygone era of seaside splendour with disused bathing areas, changing rooms and sun decks. I am always fascinated to go exploring below the main promenade of Plymouth Hoe and see what I can find, old and new.

Shapes, colours and textures fight the elements for survival in this unforgiving environment, bathed in ever differing light from sky and sea. The area must be home to many memories from many eras.

This personal photographic project explores the details of this beautiful but often un-noticed area between the tide and the city. I really love this spot as it is but also feel that it could become an amazing world class amphitheatre in the future, but I quite like the Hoe foreshore as it is!

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Fine art prints of many of my landscape and documentary photography can be bought at Tony Cobley Prints