Being a commercial photographer in the rural South West of England is far more interesting, diverse and fun than working in the city! In the last month, I have had to do these unusual things during photo-shoots in Devon & Cornwall:

-  Move a herd of cows from a product shoot.

-  Balance expensive products on an ancient Cornish castle wall. -  Remove and bury a dead mouse from a holiday cottage shoot.

- Shoot a fully dressed expensive bed on open moorland. -  Use a 10kg weight to stop the camera blowing away in a gale on Dartmoor. -  Clean seagull poo from a property shoot. -  Change my trousers after low-angle-photographing a 4x4 car coming through a Devon river ford after lying to close to the edge! -  Eat ice cream, fish 'n' chips and cream teas during a tourism shoot (so they weren't wasted!).

...I couldn't think of a better job than being a photographer in Devon    :)