Photography Workshops for Schools in Devon & Cornwall

We provide creative photography workshops for school children & students in Devon, Cornwall, Plymouth, Exeter & beyond!

Sessions can now be delivered virtually by Zoom and screen sharing!

What we do…

We provide creative photography workshops for learners of all ages in state and independent schools throughout Devon, Cornwall & beyond. Workshops can be at the school, on your school trip or virtually via Zoom.

We concentrate on creative rather than technical aspects of photography which makes our workshops fun, practical, very inclusive and open to mixed groups of previous knowledge and technical ability.

Our Ethos…

To encourage learners to develop their creative thinking, engage their visual imagination, and work in teams within a positive, happy, safe and encouraging environment.
We feel that this type of learning encourages the learner to see things in a new way and take risks with fresh ideas. This greatly develops confidence through practice, interpretation and discussion with peers.

Workshop Format…

Short, punchy visual presentations of photographic ideas by the tutor are followed by the setting of simple yet engaging creative objectives for teams, usually of three learners to explore, experiment & create.

The groups then have time to thoroughly experiment with new ideas which they have seen and take it in turns being “the shooter”, “the finder” and “the judge”, language dependent on ages.

The tutor spends time encouraging each group to show and discuss their photos with their friends and at the end enables each group to show favourite examples of their work to the whole group.

The groups are encouraged to praise each other on how well the creative ideas have been put into practice.


We are always looking to develop visual art skills such as recognising shape, texture, form, tone and colour and we will also encourage key creative photography skills such as composition, movement and focus but without getting too technical. These can be combined with wider themes..

Devon Photography Workshops for Schools & Camera Classes in Plymouth, Exeter, Devon, Cornwall or beyond…

Please contact us and we’ll be pleased to provide some more information and prices on our schools photography workshops.